Lydia Ellis is a native born Georgian, who received her formal training at Georgia State University. After teaching 13 years with Clayton State College and 15 years with Fayette County Continuing education, and various gallery’s in Newnan and Fayetteville, Georgia.

She is presently teaching from her home studio and traveling to teach workshops and Plein Air events. After closing her gallery in Newnan, she has focused on teaching and Plein Air painting. As a result, has won twice in the open QuickDraw at the Forgotten Coast en Plein Air event and recently in the Paint Out in the Mountains event in Elijah, Georgia. She has also been published in Art Connoisseur and Plein Air magazines. 

Her strengths lie in color and design, with an impressive style. Strong linear perspectives with her subject matter is frequently used, from layered umbrellas to dramatic angles on a building or alley way. Figures are sometimes used to create a story to bring the viewer in. 

Lydia has ongoing classes on Thursday’s and Friday’s. She also holds short intensive workshops. In September 2019 she will be teaching in Lucca, Italy